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London Volunteering: Vision & Action Plan

Works4U is leading a London-wide collaborative process to develop a vision and action plan for volunteering across the capital. 

Vision & Action Plan

Volunteering is an essential part of how London functions, but formal volunteering is on the decline. To develop volunteering across the capital we are bringing together volunteering experts, practitioners and stakeholders to produce a vision and action plan. This plan will be produced by March 2025 and will include practical and realistic actions for both within and outside the voluntary sector. 

Steering Group: London Volunteering Strategy Group

The London Volunteering Strategy Group (LVSG) will be acting as a steering and advisory group to ensure key topics and themes are included in this work and that we get the input from stakeholders across London. 

If you would like to be part of the LVSG and help shape London's volunteering future, please contact Dominic Pinkney from Works4U.

Steering Group Meetings

The upcoming LVSG meetings will take place:

  • Mon 24th June 2-3pm (Zoom)

  • Mon 15th July 2-3pm (Zoom)

  • Mon 9th Sept 2-3pm (In person - location TBC)

  • Thurs 10th Oct 2-3pm (Zoom)

How to get involved?

It is essential that we involve as many people and organisations as we can to create a practical action plan to develop volunteering. Not everyone will have time to attend all the meetings so we will have a range of ways to engage and input into the process:


Works4U is a not-for-profit social enterprise based in London and has been carrying out pioneering work to develop volunteering. 

CEO Dominic Pinkney set up and chairs the national Employer Supported Volunteering (ESV) Network. He also leads the North Central London Volunteering PLUS network, through Volunteer Centre Camden, tackling the strategic development of health volunteering.

Phil Boye-Anawomah, Head of Volunteering at Hammersmith & Fulham Volunteer Centre, is working with Dominic to carry out this work.

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