Wednesday afternoon saw the Lime Grove Estate turn into a buzzing hive of activity thanks to Works4U and the creative department of Disney who proudly joined forces to support the efforts of their local community.

Lime Grove estate has seen many changes over the last few years including the recent formation of a dynamic new residents committee who have decided to take bold, strident steps to forge stronger neighbourly relationships though various mechanisms, one being a centre for the local youth.

Sixty or so Disney staff members descended on the centre to help paint the venue before its launch twenty four hours later. They brought with them, refreshments, music, fun and truly dynamic experience for the residents, building trust and true sense of belief and support for all of their hard work and efforts.

Samantha Claxton, one of the committee members driving the project explained how, as a child, her own local youth centre had made such a profound, positive impression. She went on to explain how the centre will play a key role in educating, empowering and motivating youngsters in a safe and controlled environment, with things such as healthy eating programmes. Additionally the newly decorated venue will also serve as a platform for other community related social events and gatherings as well as hopefully a revenue generating mechanism supporting away days and educational trips.

The impact that just a few hours of volunteering brought the project was immense. The day was rounded up by the presentation of six murals depicting Disney Characters, presented by Tammy McFeggan, Disney to the centre staff.

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Disney and Works4U working together to help launch a new youth project in Lime Grove Estate, Shepherds Bush.

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