On Tuesday, 10th August, the voluntary, private and statutory sector came together to work on a project at Normand Croft Community School. A team from Disney worked in partnership with Works4U to improve the outdoor space at Normand Croft, with specialist help from Simon Ghartey of organic cultivation company Progress.

Works4U and Progress consulted with Nick Holt, Headmaster at Normand Croft School, to come up with ideas about how to improve the outdoor area of the school and create an eco-friendly environment. Nick was keen to create an atmosphere where pupils and their families could connect with the entire school environment and it was agreed that an area used by pupils and staff would be revamped.

The team from Disney worked tirelessly throughout the day to complete the tasks. Half the team created 9 new planters from scratch (under the supervision of Simon Ghartey) whilst the other half spent the day digging, uprooting and improving an area that had become overgrown with weeds and dead leaves. Although it started to rain towards the end of the day, the team completed their tasks and the end result was a vastly improved, impressive outdoor area of the school.

Simon Ghartey was impressed with his teams’ effort on the day. “Days like this are valuable for establishments such as Normand Croft. Without teams like Disney and structured days to complete beneficial tasks, these planters for the school may not get built when they are needed.”

The volunteers from Disney were also happy, with positive feedback from many. All of those interviewed believed they had made a difference, and over 90% said they had learnt something new about their local community.

Although Head Teacher Nick was not present on the day he arrived back at the school pleasantly surprised. “I am very grateful for the work that Disney began, turning a disused and unloved section of our school grounds into something more attractive and more useful. As with all environmental projects the challenge to maintain the environment will be ongoing, but Disney did a wonderful job in ensuring we made the vital first step. On behalf of our whole school community – THANK YOU!”

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Multi-Sector Partnership Benefits Local Community School

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