Betfair complete 3rd team challenge in less than a year

14 staff members from Betfair were in for a shock on Friday, 2nd October. They had been tasked with the challenge of revamping a garden in Shepherds Bush belonging to the Family Mosaic Housing Association. The garden had not been maintained for several years, and to say that it was a state is an understatement!

Once the shock of seeing the garden had subsided, the team got to work on clearing out all the overgrown shrubs, planting and creating a gravel stoned path for the tenants living in the home. They even had a professional Landscape Architect on the day who volunteered to ensure the garden looked its best. The challenge was hard work and required the business volunteers to work effectively as a team to complete it in a day – which they did!

Feedback received from the day was very positive. ‘Remembering what greeted us in the morning, and seeing how we left the garden in the afternoon was by far the best part of the day’ said one business volunteer. Another stated that ‘the team dynamic was great, everyone just got on with it and it was a great combo of hard work but having a laugh’.

Family Mosaic and the tenant living in the home were also very pleased with the results. ‘I can’t believe what the Betfair staff have managed to do to the garden and didn’t realise how big the garden actually is’ said Kaydee Lewale of Family Mosaic. ‘This means a lot to our tenants and I’m very grateful to Betfair and Jane (Landscape Architect) for all their support.

2 more challenges are being planned for Betfair staff, making them one of the most active employers in the Borough supporting employee volunteering!

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