Disability organisation praises Disney Volunteers for tough challenge

The Hammersmith and Fulham Action for Disability (HAFAD) received an early Christmas present from 25 Disney volunteers on Tuesday, 24th November.

HAFAD works towards the empowerment of all disabled people, especially young people. Their building is regularly used for various activities and a major ‘paint-lift’ was needed to create a fresh feel to the organisation.  A group of Disney volunteers from the finance division took up the challenging task of repainting 2 large rooms at HAFAD – the main hall and the lounge.

The groups were split into 2 teams on arrival and had limited time to repaint the walls in different shades of blue, as well as change the colour of the doors and add a fresh coat of white paint to border areas and the staircase.  Disney volunteers had differing expectations for the day.  “I was slightly daunted at the thought of painting all day!” stated one volunteer, whilst another said they were expecting a “fun and challenging day away from the office and a good opportunity to get to know other team members better”. 

The end result of this challenge was fantastic.  Sarah Robinson, Senior Manager at HAFAD said “Everyone is so impressed with the hall and lounge…. It really has lifted everyone’s spirits to come in to HAFAD and find the place transformed”.

Although the volunteers were exhausted and covered in paint by the end of the day, they too were pleased with the outcome.  When asked what the best part of the day was one volunteer said “seeing the charity workers faces when they came back in” and another added “seeing the difference we made to the building and knowing that it will make someone’s day just a little bit better”.

The challenge was co-ordinated by Works4U, with support from new trainee Alex Simon, his brother Carlon and our 2 decorating specialists, Dominic and Woitek.  Well done to everyone who made this day a success! 

If you would like to offer a challenge to a business, contact Works4U on 020 8741 9876 or email dragos@hfvc.org.uk.


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Disney Chellenge at HAFAD

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