On Friday, 26th March, a group of business volunteers from Betfair spent the day at Deaf Plus ready to tackle their garden, which was overgrown and in desperate need of a ‘garden-lift’. Deaf Plus West London is a local charity whose mission is “to work with people who are deaf, focusing on the person first, rather than their level of deafness, and to enable a better quality of life to be fulfilled”. They provide services such as employment support, sign language interpreting and social activities.

The 8 volunteers, from Betfair’s Finance Department, worked excellently as a team to accomplish the various tasks set before them. They split into groups and managed to repaint the dull walls to bright white, remove all the dead leaves and uproot old grass, prepare the soil for adding grass seed, and tidy up the area surrounding the garden. The end result was a cleaner, brighter, more welcoming garden that the service users could finally use for a number of activities.

As well as working hard on the garden, the team was also treated to a crash course in signing and understanding the challenges and opportunities faced by people who are hard of hearing. By the end of the day they had all learnt how to sign the alphabet and say their names!

The feedback received after the challenge was very positive. The staff at Deaf Plus were very happy with the outcome – quote from Deaf Plus

The team also enjoyed the day. One volunteer said “It was good to take a step away from the day job and realise that there is more to life than tapping away on a computer”, whilst another said “learning about sign language was really interesting. The positive banter plus spending time with colleagues was also good to build teamwork.”

These challenges are great team building opportunities that support the local community. To find out more, please contact Works4U on 020 8741 9876 or email enquiries@works-4u.com


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Thumbs Up to Betfair for Garden Revamp

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