11th September 2014
The staff and residents at Lynton Terrace care home were pleased to welcome an enthusiastic team of volunteers from Wyndham Hotel Group (WHG), led by Kim Gordon to help give the property a much needed facelift.

Juliet Omohowa, Manager at Hestia was thrilled to secure this help, as this will make a huge difference for the residents. Her speech addressed management’s gratitude to the volunteers. "Thank you very much. We are happy to have you all here today".

Twelve members from different distributions of WHG donated forty-eight hours of volunteering time, helping transform ten vulnerable men and women with mental health issues residence.

With a little elbow grease, Group one left the interior residential walls beaming with fresh coats of paint singing Lionel Richie "Hello" further boosting team moral. Whilst Group two rolled up their sleeves and started pulling up roots, drilling and hammering the edging along the flowerbeds, complementing the huge apple tree in the garden. 

One of the residents, Graham enjoyed spending time with the volunteers, who could hardly contain his excitement to see the end results. After hard grafting, the communal garden was transformed from an unkempt, overgrown space to a beautiful landscape where clients and their visitors can unwind.

Orlabode, Senior management from Hestia was astonished how the volunteers turned the care home into a bright and welcoming place where the residents, family and friends can socialise: " ..You've all done a marvellous job, this afternoon".

Franka Koehoorn, WHG HR intern explained being able to volunteer for local projects had a fundamental role to play, when applying at WHG : "I was excited when WHG had a volunteering program.....Finally I can help someone and I like getting my hands dirty. This gives the whole team a good feeling...it's special being able to help people".

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