On the 7th July 2014 social enterprise Works4U celebrates its 5th birthday and is growing from strength to strength. As a self-sustaining not-for-profit business with a social mission to help businesses to support the community through a range of volunteering related activities, it has helped thousands of business volunteers from around the world to support hundreds of community organisations and charities in West London.

There has been a huge growth in social enterprises in recent years, but making them viable sustainable businesses is extremely challenging. Works4U was founded in 2009, but began in the 1990s as a volunteer run project, and now operates out of its offices in Hammersmith and Wembley. It has worked with many large corporates and SMEs and has developed volunteering options from team volunteering to skills-based volunteering.

Works4U & HFVC Group CEO Dominic Pinkney said, ‘It is with enormous pride that we can announce the celebration of Works4U’s 5th birthday. We are a social enterprise success story and increasing the level and reach of our work, which means more people and community organisations are being supported by businesses.

‘I was involved as a volunteer consultant in the establishment of Works4U and I am delighted to see how successful it has become. This has not been easy and has been achieved through the hard work, determination and passion of Doreen Thompson-Addo, Marion Schumann, Alice Lamb, Dragos Tudor and James Schumann. I would also like to thank the many businesses who we have worked with to support local people as they have really done great work that has made a meaningful impact on the lives of people needing support. I would also like to give a special thanks to Tammy McFeggan from Disney who has not only been a huge supporter of Works4U before its inception right through to today, but is a pleasure to work with and an inspiration who has enabled thousands of Disney employees (voluntEARS) to support the local community.’

Works4U is involved in all areas of business volunteering, from organising team volunteering events to leading discussions on corporate volunteering at the United Nations [link to page you will create] and we are determined in our mission to get more businesses to support local people and organisations. We look forward to celebrating our 10th birthday in 2019!

The Volunteering Professionals
Part of the HFVC Group
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Happy 5th Birthday Works4U
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