Centres like Shepherds Bush Families project provide a valuable support to families in the borough dealing with the devastating effects of homelessness, poverty and domestic violence.  The centre staff works tirelessly to try and support families often challenged through no fault of their own with services such as counselling for parents and specialised activities for children who often suffer in silence as they struggle to understand the changes taking place around them.

At nine thirty on the 28th July – 24 staff from IGT arrived to support the centre for the day by sorting, clearing and sifting through the many donations given to the charity. Recent austerity measures have meant staff cuts have left only two to run the operation full time as they attempt to facilitate over thirty families each week.

IGT made a tremendous effort on the day with a party atmosphere that was more like a weekend in the summer sun than a Monday morning.  They sorted through hundreds of bags, boxes and toys leaving a dedicated and sophisticated stockroom readily and easily accessible when staff need to access requests quickly with minimal fuss

Well done IGT….!

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Shepherds Bush Families Project  - bags of fun for IGT

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