2nd September 2014

Travelling from Europe as part of a Financial Management Program (FMP), General Electric (GE) volunteers flew down to Sands End Adventure Playground located in the heart of Fulham on a Tuesday early morning to regenerate the children’s play area, before the new term commences.

Equipped with gardening tools, gloves, paint brushes bin bags and tons of bark mulch, the team of 60 sprang into action to transform the dreary and unimaginative area. Among other changes a sand pit and vegetable patch was created for the children to be educated about fresh produce, whilst enjoying themselves in the outdoor space.

Sands End Adventure Playground is designed for children and young people aged 8-13 years old, which aims to provide them with the opportunity for free inclusive play, encouraging a stimulating environment, which is pivotal for children’s cognitive and physical development.

The sun still managed to keep shinning in afternoon. It was thirsty work and with the remarkable improvement GE made, the Sands End staff provided refreshments, ice lollies and music. The wonderful sense of camaraderie amongst the community and volunteers was built. The lively atmosphere was clear evidence of this.

Emanuela Viago, Energy Management at GE was delighted the team took time out of their busy work schedule and volunteer. “It’s a great way to do something different….We are always in the office…so today we can do something nice for the community.”

After 198 man hours of hard work the revitalised playground looked welcoming so kid’s vivid imagination can run wild, encouraging health enhancing benefits. Also the GE volunteers felt proud of their input into improving Sands End Play area know this is a huge asset of bringing the community together. The new-look playground will hopefully reduce levels of anti-social behaviour and vandalism.

Being part of a great project Laura Gamberi, FMP Coordinator from GE has definitely allowed her to see how much of an impact on those who are less fortunate. We wanted to have a local impact to somebody who needed our support and help…to help younger people at making their time more enjoyable.”

Sue Anderson, a Manager from Sands End has been a huge benefit to the community for over 30years, praised the hard work of the GE team:

“I really don’t think you know how grateful we are for what you have done for us today. You have done really well, the kids and parents will appreciate it………we have families living in properties where they don’t have garden space…..This is for marvellous people who need these facilities. Thank you.”

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60!!! GE volunteers descends on Sands End Adventure Playground

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