At the 5th international conference ‘Volunteerism –Avenue for Social Transformation’, 1st -4th July 2014, in the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG), Works4U led discussions around corporate volunteering, social entrepreneurship and social innovation. Works4U & HFVC Group CEO Dominic Pinkney moderated and facilitated discussion between various corporates (e.g. Transaero Airlines and Marks & Spencer) and NGOs from across the world.

This also included a presentation on Works4U, a successful social enterprise celebrating its 5th birthday on 7th July, and how it successfully brokers relationships between businesses and the local community needing support. With offices in Hammersmith & Wembley, it not only enables global businesses to help West London charities and community organisations, but also facilitates joined up working to enable corporates to apply their resources to achieve greater and sustained support for people and organisations that need it.

Dominic Pinkney said, ’It was a great honour and privilege to lead discussions on corporate volunteering here at the United Nations Office at Geneva. I am greatly encouraged to hear that businesses across the world are more and more getting involved and supporting local communities and charities. I firmly believe that more can be done and I am actively trying to enable the voluntary and community sector to better organise and coordinate itself, so that businesses can deliver an even greater impact.’

Works4U is a co-founder of the London ESV Network which enables businesses to deliver community support across all of London and sub-regionally. It is also, via HFVC, a board member of Volonteurope influencing active citizenship across Europe.

If you would like to discuss how your business can support local communities and charities then please contact us by email: or telephone 020 8741 9876.

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Works4U lead Corporate Volunteering Discussions at the United Nations (Geneva)

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Works4U at United Nations (Geneva)
Works4U at United Nations (Geneva)
Works4U at United Nations (Geneva)
Works4U at United Nations (Geneva)
Works4U at United Nations (Geneva)
Works4U at United Nations (Geneva)
Works4U at United Nations (Geneva)
Works4U at United Nations (Geneva)
Works4U at United Nations (Geneva)

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