Once upon a time (although historians suggest it was 2013) at a magical building named The Ark in a westerly part of London town, known as Hammersmith, the wizards of GE used their special powers to create some teddy bears. Not just any teddy bears, but 42 handsome bears, each with special powers to make children smile and be happy.

The wizards of GE contacted a specialist Teddy Bear Distribution Centre, called Works4U, and gave them strict instructions to find these special teddy bears a good home where they can use their powers to make children happy. The Teddy Bear Distribution Centre set to work and contacted people near and far to find proper homes for these special teddy bears.

The Teddy Bear Distribution Centre took this important assignment very seriously and only the best homes would qualify for the special teddy bears. Through careful vetting, all 42 teddy bears found happy homes, most in nearby Hammersmith, Fulham, Shepherd’s Bush and Chelsea, but some travelled as far as Romania!

The new residences of the teddy bears can be located at:

All 42 teddy bears are now using their special powers to make children happy.

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The Story of the 42 Special GE Teddy Bears

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Image 1
GE teddy bears gratefully received by children in Romania

Image 2
The GE teddy bears at their new home, the Neptune Children’s Ward of Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

Image 3
[Right] GE Teddy Bear Wizard Greg Davison with HFVC’s Teddy Bear Distribution Manager Dominic Pinkney [Left]

Image 4
The children of the St Quintin’s Centre for Disabled Children and Young People were very grateful to receive the handsome GE teddy bears!